A human being is a mystery and an infinite possibility. Education helps to discover, nurture and unravel the latent talents –psychological, spiritual, intellectual and aesthetic hidden in him/her. Majority of under-graduate students are either teenagers or on the threshold of adulthood. It is a restless age to reveal the mystery one is and to establish ones identity.

Padua College of Commerce and Management leaves no stone unturned to aid students to showcase their latent potential. It believes that every student is a mine of resource in his/her own capacity. The college strives to train to the optimal utility of this resource. In this regard college pays attention not only to the academic development of a student but also to his/her moral development and emotional maturity.

In addition to the various clubs like- Commerce club, Literary club, Cultural club, Sports club, Women’s Forum, Human Rights, Konkani club, Dramatic club, Red cross, Music/Choir, we give importance to the value education, sports activities and cultural activities. In addition to the excellent results at the university level by the students, Padua College of Commerce and Management also has excelled in Commerce and Management fests held in various colleges.

“You are thrown into existence and it is you who create your essence”, says Jean Paul Sartre, a French Philosopher. A Teacher is a person who inspires, but it is the student who creates his/her own essence. As Padua College of Commerce and Management strives to create in its students their own essence through hardwork, I wish all those believe in hard work, all the best, so that they may create their own essence.


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