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Students are bound to observe the General regulations and other Rules of Discipline of the College. They are also bound to observe the regulations, which the Management may frame from time to time. In particular, their attention is drawn to the following:

General Rules and Regulations

1.     Classes are held between 8.45 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and between 8.45 a.m. to 1.00 pm on Saturday. Club activities will be held on every Thursday from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.

2.     Late comers can enter the class only if permitted by a lecturer. They may be marked present at the end of the hour only if there was sufficient reason for being late. In such cases, an entry in the calendar will be made to enter the class. Those who depend on public conveyance to come to the college, should leave their home early enough to avoid peak hours and be at the college well in time.

3.     At the beginning of the morning session all must stand and pray devoutly. They shall stand respectfully for the National Anthem.

4.     On the teacher’s arrival to the classroom, students must rise and remain standing until they are asked to sit or till teacher takes his/her seat. When the attendance roll is called each one must rise and answer to his name.

5.     A Lecturer has the right to change the place of a student, to send him out of the class or to cut the attendance without giving any reason, if a student misbehaves in the class. However, the student can meet the concerned lecturer in the staff room to settle the matter.

6.     Use of Mobile phone inside the building premises is strictly prohibited. Mobile phone should be in “SWITCHED OFF MODE” inside the college premises or campus. If anybody found using the cell phone will be fined progressively starting with Rs. 1000/- or mobile phone will be confiscated and returned only after the semester examinations.

7.     During the class, lecturer’s permission is needed to move away from one’s place or to leave the room.

8.     Punctuality and regular attendance is essential for the formation of character and is insisted upon. Leave of absence from college should be obtained from the concerned authority. Unforeseen absence must be justified on return before entering the class with a note of excuse from the parent or guardian. A medical certificate from a Government Doctor should be furnished especially when a student is absent for a long time due to illness. A medical certificate however does not entitle a student for attendance.

9.     Serious note will be taken of the absence without leave from the college examinations and at the re-opening of the classes after the holidays. In the case of illness, the production of a medical certificate shall be required. Parents have to inform of the absence of their ward on the same day of the examination. Re-exam may be conducted with an extra exam fees of Rs. 100/- per subject.

10.     Irregularity in attendance, insubordination, discourtesy to Staff members, habitual in-attention and late coming, neglect of work, obscenity in word or act will be punishable by permanent or temporary dismissal. Minor offences are punishable by a fine or loss of attendance.

11.     Students those who absent themselves should show the leave note writing it in the college calendar properly signed by the parents and the subject lecturers & Vice- Principal or the Principal before 9.00 a.m.

12.     Every student should possess the Identity card/calendar issued by the College, which should be produced whenever asked for, especially when dealing with the office and library.

13.     Students should wear the College Identity Card daily in the College Campus compulsorily or else the progressive fine will be levied starting from Rs. 30/-

14.     Students are expected to use the classroom furniture with care. Breaking of the furniture, scribbling on the walls, sketching on planks, desks or chairs will be considered a serious offence. A very serious cognizance will be taken of any infringement of this rule and suitable action will be taken.

15.     Students are allowed to bring two-wheelers and can park them in the parking area assigned to them behind the High School at open space in a proper order. Four wheelers are not allowed inside the college campus. The college does not own responsibility for the safety of the vehicles.

16.     Students who habitually steal or rob will be dismissed from the College.

17.     Students are not permitted to leave the college before time either during the morning or afternoon session unless the parents or guardians personally for valid reasons request leave. However, such students should obtain the permission from the Principal or the Vice Principal and write their names in the Movement Register before leaving.

18.     Irregular attendance, in subordination to Lecturers, habitual inattention to College work, obscenity in word of act are sufficient reasons for the temporary or permanent dismissal of a student.

19.     The college does not hold itself responsible for the student’s conduct outside its premises. In justice, however it takes cognizance of any serious misconduct of its students committed outside its precincts and should any serious charge be fairly substantiated, the guilty shall be punished according to the gravity of the offence.

20.     Progress Records will be issued after the Internal exams.

21.     The students should wear the prescribed college uniform on all days. A student will not be permitted to sit in the class without the prescribed college uniform. They should cut their hair from time to time and brush neatly.

22.     Students must respect the members of the staff and salute them on meeting them for the first time during the day.

23.     If a student fails to submit the assignment on the assigned date, he/she will not be allowed to attend the classes till he/she submits the assignment.

24.     Books, magazines, newspapers and articles not approved by the Principal should not be brought to the college.

25.     The use of tobacco in any form is forbidden in the college premises. Explosives are banned inside the college campus.

26.     Students are expected to speak in English or Kannada or Hindi according to the medium of instruction within the college premises. The defaulters will be fined.

27.     Students must equip themselves with a complete outfit of everything that is necessary for their studies. They must use their own materials and be responsible for their safety. The college should not be made responsible for books, money, clothes and other articles that are lost.

28.     Attendance at Mass for the catholic students and Value Education classes for the others is obligatory for all the students. A test will be conducted in the value education topics dealt during the year.

29.     The Catholic students are advised to go to confession at least once a month and to Mass and Communion every day if possible.

30.     Serous action like dismissal or suspension can also be taken against those men students who involve in eve teasing.

31.     Students must not join any club or society or make any engagements outside college that would interfere with their studies without the permission of the Principal. They are not allowed to play in any team against the college.

32.     Students are not allowed to take part in political agitation directed against the authority or the lawful Government.

33.     Letters officially addressed to the Principal must be accompanied by stamped reply envelope.

34.     Students should adhere to the discipline of the college whole-heartedly. They should follow the bells scrupulously, particularly the bells rung after the recess, both in forenoon and in the afternoon. Those who go to the canteen should come in time. They should never leave the college premises during these intervals.

35.     Attendance at classes and examinations, progress as well as conduct of the students, will be taken into consideration while recommending the students for merit certificates concessions and scholarships.

36.     Cleanliness of the classrooms and college premises is also essential for the proper and smooth functioning of the institution. Therefore, students should keep their classrooms, corridors and the playground clean and tidy. Dustbins should be used to throw the waste.

37.     To improve student’s reading and knowledge, the College provides a good collection of books in the college library. Strict discipline is to be maintained in the library. Books should be read and returned intact. Penal fee will be collected for the damage and the lost ones.

38.     If calendar is lost student can apply for another paying Rs. 500/- and if ID card is lost then they can get another by paying Rs. 250/-.

39.     Any Students caught in the Internal examination on mal-practicing will be suspended for a week and those who are caught in the semester examination on malpractice will be punished according to the University rules.

40.     Misusing of internet, face book, SMS, E-mail to malign someone’s name is a serious cyber crime resulting in criminal punishment by law.

41.     Eating chewing gum in the College campus and any eatables in the classroom is strictly prohibited. If someone is found doing so, will be fined.

42.     Playing or shouting inside the college building is not allowed. A student is not permitted to enter any classroom other than his own without permission.

43.     Back answering and misbehaving with the staff will be considered seriously. Such students are liable for getting their parents and for suspension from the College. However, students have the right to inform the Principal / Vice-Principal if there is any matter of disagreement.

44.     Disfiguring or writing comments on the photos of the staff and students, printed in the calendar is considered a serious offence. Violators of this rule will be fined heavily or suspended.

45.     Tattoos on any part of the body are not allowed.

46.     Students without the calculator, question bank and other stationery required for the class are not entertained in the class.

47.     Without obtaining prior permission from the Principal, no picnics, send-off parties and get-togethers in which our College students are involved, either in the campus or in any other place are to be organised. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate these rules.

48.     Students should follow only oral communication and not tactile communication in their conversation. This rule should be strictly followed in inter-gender communication.



1.     Students attending the classes or other gatherings within the College campus are expected to be formally dressed in accordance with the rules of approved etiquette.

2.     All the students are expected to wear the college uniform compulsorily on all working days. Uniform should be stitched according to the prescribed pattern given by the college.

3.     Men students should properly tuck in their shirts. Low-waist and pencil bottom pants are strictly prohibited.

4.     Long hair, Hair colouring, Shabby beard, Tattos, single earrings or similar ornaments on any other parts of the body are not allowed.

5.     For girls tight fittings/short tops and sleeveless tops are not permitted.

6.     Disciplinary action will be taken on students violating the dress code.

7.     Students who do not follow the above rules will be fined progressively starting with Rs. 30/-.



1.     College library is open only to the staff and students of the college.

2.     Silence must be observed at all the time in and outside the library.

3.     Library will be open every day from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

4.     Books will be issued to the students on all the working days of the week.

5.     No student is allowed to borrow more than 2 books.

6.     Books must be returned within 5 days. If the student fails to return on the specified day, a fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged.

7.     Books will be issued to only those who pay a library fee of Rs. 50/- annualy and possess library card.



1. There shall be Two Internal Assessment Examinations in each semester. Provisional dates of the Tests and Examinations are notified against the dates in this calendar.

2. The Internal Assessment marks will be awarded in each paper of a subject in every semester. Average of two Internal Assessment Examinations will be taken as the final award in that paper. If a candidate is absent from any one of the tests due to genuine and satisfactory reasons, such a candidate may be given a re-test.

3. In addition to these term examination, Lecturer will hold tests/ give assignments to assess the student’s progress.

4. No student shall absent himself/herself from examination/test without obtaining prior sanction of leave from the Principal or in the case of class tests/assignments, from the lecturer concerned. Violation of these rules may result in the imposition of such penalties, as the Principal may deem necessary. Hall tickets of such students will not be issued unless they submit the assignments.

5. The Cumulative Record will be issued for the information of the parents. Shortage of attendance if any will be intimated to the parents.

6. Parents and guardians are particularly requested to supervise the regularity of attending classes and the studies of their wards and co-operate with the Principal and his staff in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the students. The Principal and Lecturers will be glad to meet the parents/guardians and discuss with them the difficulties and progress of their wards.

7. If any Student wants to leave the College in between the Course he/she will have to pay full fees of the whole course. Only than NOC and TC will be issued.

8. Students should have a minimum of 75% of attendance in each subject to appear for the semester exams. Students with shortage of attendance are not permitted to appear for the semester exam. Students should remember that from this year onwards there would not be condoning of shortage of attendance even if the fine is paid.



1.     Fees can be paid in three installments of 50:25:25. A new candidate shall pay the fees payable for the first installment when his/her name is enrolled. A student shall not be enrolled or admitted after the beginning of a term unless, he has paid all the fees which he would have had to pay, as his name been on the rolls from the beginning of the term.

2.     A receipt signed and dated by one deputed by the Principal shall be issued for every payment of fee made and will be entered in the Fee Receipt tag attached to the Hand Book, for every payment of fee made.

3.     If a student fails to pay his fee within 8 days after the day fixed for payment, a fine will be levied. If the fees are not paid within 15 days, the students name shall be struck off from the college rolls. If readmitted, in addition of the fees and fines due from him, he will have to pay a re-admission fee. 

4.     If a student leaves College during a term, he shall have no right to claim a remission of any portion of a fee. Payment of examination fees does not entitle a candidate to appear for the examination. The candidate has to submit the application within the last date prescribed by the College and fulfill the requirement of satisfactory attendance, progress and conduct. A candidate who does not satisfy these requirements will not be permitted to take the examinations.

5.     A student will not be allowed to appear for the Semester Examination if he has not paid the fees as prescribed by the college.

6.     Applications for scholarships and fee concessions should be made to the Principal in the prescribed form. Selection of candidates for scholarships and fee concessions will be made based on merit in studies and the financial status of the family. The fee concessions and scholarships granted by the Government and College are subject to regular attendance, good conduct and satisfactory progress. Even after being granted, these benefits can be withdrawn if the above conditions are not satisfied.

7.     A student already in the enjoyment of a scholarship from Government or any other source, is not eligible for the College Scholarship or concession.



1. All applications for certificates must be addressed to the Principal in writing. Certificates must be taken from the office in person.

2. Certificates and marks cards will not be handed over to unauthorized person.

3. Applications for certificates should contain the following particulars:

a) The student’s name and initials

b) The class in which the student was originally enrolled

c) The class in which the student was studying at the time of leaving and the roll number

d) Languages under part I and optional under part II

e) The University Examination passed with Reg. No and the year of passing

4. T.C will be issued within 7 days of application. Other certificates will not be issued on less than 3 days notice. However, in case of emergency the certificates will be issued on payment of extra fees.

5. The official conduct certificate is a document, which a student has to earn by his/her conduct and the behavior during his/her college course and only the Principal will issue it. It will not be issued as a matter of course and the Principal may refuse the Conduct Certificate to any student whose conduct, in his opinion, has not been satisfactory.

6. Office Timings: 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

On working days, students should approach the office for their work before 9.00 a.m., during the lunch break, or after class hours.

Recommendation to Parents/Guardians

1. Parents play a decisive role in the development of students in their formative years. Therefore the college expects the whole-hearted co-operation from the parents.

2. Parents are requested to co-operate with the college authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline to prepare their lessons daily and to take an active and salutary interest in the activities of the college.

3. Parents are particularly requested to sign Leave Notes, Messages, Progress Reports, Weekly Reports or any other similar documents when so requested. Failure to do this may put their children to great inconvenience and render them liable to be sent home. Repeated coming late or forgetting to bring relevant books may be punished in the same way.

4. Parents are also invited to meet the Principal and other members of the staff personally especially when there is unsatisfactory behavior, shortage of  attendance and poor progress in studies.

5. Parents are requested not to give extra money to their children other than for bus travel and meals. If any payment is made to the college a receipt should be demanded.

6. Private tuitions are forbidden as per Government rules.

7.  Parents are requested to meet the class coordinator on the appointed days to enquire about the progress of their wards.



Ragging is a major offence. Those who indulge in ragging, even in a ‘friendly’ way, or encourage ragging, will face immediate dismissal from the College. No justification in this regard is acceptable.




I …………………………………………………………………………………………………...

S/o or D/o,…………………………………………………………………………………………

Residing at ………………………………………………………………………………………...

hereby declare that:

•  I have read the above rules and understood them and the consequences of their violation

•  I will obey the rules and regulations of the College and co-operate in the maintenance of the discipline and good name of the College.

•  I know that the Principal has the right to take action against me if I violate the rules.

•  I give my full consent to obey the rules and to take action against me if I disobey the same



          Signature of the Parent                                                  Signature of the Student



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