St. Antony of Padua, the role model and patron saint of our College was born in Lisbon, Portugal in the year 1195 on 15th of August.

St. Antony was the son of a Knight and of royal lineage. His mother was a devout lady and it is she who inculcated in him the feeling of piety and devotion. charity humility.

For a young lad, who mainly spent his time studying scriptures and doing menial tasks, he astounded every one with his ability to preach. Me was blessed with gift of tongues, the power to cure the sick, restore broken limbs, lull the storms, raise the dead to life and the charisma of finding the lost things.

As a preacher, St. Antony used to preach at a place called “Padua’ in Italy and hence came to be known as ‘St. Antony of Padua’. Under his mantle, we have named our educational institution as Padua Commerce and Management College.

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