An integral development of whole human person guided by value based quality higher education to help the student to evolve into competent citizen of the nation to be of better service to the society.



In keeping with this vision statement, Padua College of Commerce and Management has the following mission:

  1. To instill and sustain in the students a lasting desire to seek knowledge and to impart to them the basic human values and skills to acquire it .
  2. To inculcate team spirit and leadership skills in the students to ensure success in their professions and to assume career responsibilities.
  3. To instill in the students a deep sense of pride for the nation and its culture along with the progressive and global outlook.
  4. To produce future citizens of moral integrity who uphold the values enshrined in the constitution, without prejudices to the religion.
  5. To train men and women who go on expanding their consciousness.
  6. To foster creative ability and critical thinking.
  7. To develop a sense of concern towards the poor and the weak.





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